WHERE ARE WE HEADED | Chronicles by Edwin Olu Bestman Jr. | Poetry | PROSTIFESSIONAL SERIES

Why have we subjected ourselves into the dark weather of slavery?
What do we gain when we give our body in exchange for money?
The future of the world has been curved into sadness.

As dark as the night,
We have lost our pride for money instead of painting success in our generation.
The greatness of ours has been wrapped up in shame.

We've broken thoughts;
We've faded emotions.
In every way, we've lost our dignities.

Where are we headed?
Our bodies are no longer temples of God.
Have we thought on the life we're living?

A job that boils negativity and turns society into frustrations.
A job accepted by many but rejected by Christ.

We've 6 feet holes in our hearts;
We've shamed our generation.
Ignorance caught us unaware.

We should be attending Sunday service instead of being at a brothel;
We should be learning bible stories instead of reading pornography materials.

Where are we headed?
We didn't listen to our parents pieces of advice.
We've been beaten by our thoughts.

We all have sinned against God.
We've allowed ourselves to be caught, entangled and led by the devil.
Oh! This is a ceremony of everyone's funeral.

Does the church really have a role to play in this scene?
Prostitutes are even choristers in church this days!


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