GOODBYE ISN'T THE SADDEST WORD - Poetry by Ogbo Minister Prosper

It's not about the parting way
It's about the future left unfulfilled.

It's not about the goodbye to the intimacy
It's about the babes left behind unknown.

It's not about the good times together
It's about the great days ahead.

It's not about the kisses
It's about the true amd passionate affections.

It's not about you and I
It's about him and her.

It's not about the promises
It's about the meaning of the promises.

It's not about the incidents
It's about the anticipation.

It's not about our friendship
It's about the relationship.

We've gone along way together
But here we are, each desolated.

Goodbye isn't the saddest word
Seeing you gives more sadness.

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