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Madville’s mission is to present language in a playful, imaginative way and to encourage a love of the written word—regionalisms and all. English is our first language, but we adore code-switching and idioms from around the world. We publish poetry, fiction, and nonfiction that straddles borders. While our authors generally hail from the English-speaking academic community, our audience extends beyond the narrow confines of the academy into the popular market, particularly with regard to our fiction, where we have a tendency to stray into adventurous, fantastic, and dystopian realities.

About The Anthology

For this anthology, Madville Publishing is looking for stories, real or imagined, of up to 5,000 words that explore running away. We’re looking for stories about running away, wanting to run away, and trying to run away. We want stories that involve escaping with someone and stories that involve escaping from someone. We also want stories from the point of view of the ones left behind, about their feelings of loss and loneliness. We want to read stories about kids, teens, and adults of all ages who have left, for whatever reason. Take us on their journeys down the road, across town, across the country, and across the world. Tell us about empty closets, longing, and unanswered messages.


Fiction and non-fiction writings

Fees and Incentives:

Submissions fee: $12


  • Submissions are open April 1 – August 1, 2019.

  • A reading fee of $12 must be paid at the time of submission.

  • All submissions must be in English.

  • We accept previously published fiction and nonfiction as long as the author discloses the publication history of the work in the cover letter accompanying the submission.

  • We accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify Madville immediately if the story is accepted elsewhere and you wish to withdraw it from consideration. There will be no refunds of the reading fees.

  • Writers may submit more than one story, but each must be submitted separately.

How To Submit:

Visit here to access the SUBMIT page.


All submissions are to be made on or before August 1, 2019

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