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Location: Oloboyi-Apollo, Lagos.

Jerking up from her flaccid bed;
She hurried out to take a bath, dressed up and applied heavy makeups,
Foundation went first, the rest followed suit.
Satisfied with her Jezebel-like appearance,
She went out of the house, as though being summoned from the land of the dead.

Staring at her reflection from a glass, she admires the dress,
A skimpy gown clung to her tattooed body;
She's well figured, having the necessary curves,
The fact that her wears could make a sane turn insane, she cared less.

After few hours of waiting, a vehicle approaches,
It comes to a halt, she moves forward to see what it has to offer;
Taken aback due to the foul smell coming from the rat-looking man,
She encourages herself, left with no choice, a living must be earned,
So she satisfies the insatiable fool for a fee not worth feeding cockroaches.

Location:Lekki, Lagos.

She's been hearing of Lekki; The hustle, bustle and hullabaloo,
She decided to give it a try, no harm in trying,
On sighting an oncoming Camry a wide grin appears on her face,
She raises her short skirt a little higher,
Trying her possible best to seduce the being, she's such a wise moo.

The vehicle came to a halt, it's occupant- a cute man waved hello,
Rolling her eyes,she seductively walked towards him,
On getting there, after a word or two,she hops in,
Straight ahead to trade her body in exchange for mere cash,
Knowing nothing about the dude 'cept for his name- Mr Bello.

Years later, she was diagnosed of various STDs and the dreaded virus;
She was totally devastated, with black tears streaming down her cheeks, she cried out her life,
Regretting her actions and wasted years, she pleads to God for mercy;
She utilised the few years she had left inkscribing her story on eternal lines of poetry,
Hoping it could pierce through our hearts,like needle into skin,enlighten the world and more especially inspire us.


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