I AM AN AFRICAN - Poetry by Margaret Wairimu Waweru

I am an African 
The air I breath is black 
My hair is raven black 
My skin colour is darker than the bottom of my mother's gourd
My palms and the soles of my feet are almost turning to coal

My heart is made of dark memories 
Dark memories that robbed most of my ancestors 
Dark memories that remind me of my roots 
Dark memories that shapes my future 

My blood flows with darkness from the past
Of the blood poured on African soil
Of the sweat poured on African land 
Of the heartache of my ancestors 
Of the hope that Africa will be the Africa my forefathers fought for 

All my openings emit is darkness
Darkness that darkens our life 
Darkness that is darker than our skins
Darkness that follow us like karma
Darkness that need to be kicked out of Africa  

I dress in dark goatskins
I work in the sun 
Let it burn any whiteness in me 
How I loathe white 
How I loathe my colonizers

I still work hard 
I still rise and shine 
I still have a dream 
That one day, just one day 
Africa will be Africa.

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