Dear marriageable adult,
The year is moving, July is all dressed up and ready, waiting to happen.

No pressure. I don't want you to feel anxious, you will marry this year, I am sure of this, just as you are.

You have waited and prayed, you have done everything right so far (maybe not everything, but who is counting? ), even your village people can't help but agree that this is your year!

As you prepare to get married, don't fuss about finding the right partner. I don't want you to worry about ending up with the right or wrong person.

From experience, a good woman before the wedding ceremony can turn out to be a mad dog once the ring has been slipped into her fingers and a philandering man-whore can end up being a bastion of faithfulness immediately he enters marriage.

You really can't measure these things, human nature is so unpredictable!

There really is nothing like a good or bad partner, time and chance happens to all.

I have seen lots of would-be couples get so worked up about finding the right partner, I don't want you to worry so much.

From this side of marriage, I can tell you confidently that a marriage works because the partners involved make up their minds to fight like crazy to make it work, not because someone entered the marriage with the title 'right partner.'

If he is okay and makes you happy, choose him.
If you see a future with her, marry her.
What is left is that both of you will work it out to make it work.

At the core of it, you can even marry a Goat and make it work!, I'm sure you get my point, don't let the pressure of looking for the right person wear you out.

Life has a funny way of presenting the blessing in a funny package.

There really is no right or wrong person, all a human being needs is time and chance to reveal parts of them that will be shocking.

God has made this marriage thing simple, that is what it means to marry with five naira, don't complicate anything for yourself and don't put yourself under unnecessary pressure.

You will marry this year and you will be happy.
This is my desire for you.

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