I HAVE A STORY TOO - Poetry by Eugizy

But who will listen to my story?
Who will believe my words? 
Who will gossip about this story? 
Who will share the contents of this story? 
Who will learn a moral lesson from this story?

Well I decided to walk away from trouble, 
because it's hard to confront it, 
whenever I clench my fist, 
I remain worried, 
Will I manage this fight? 
Well depression is a strong man, 
Well built, with muscles so strong, 
And I'm just a feeble being, 
The only weapon I can use...
Alcohol, spirits, maybe wine, 
all these just to be fine, 
and conquer my opponent.

And even as I walk away, 
Depression is my shadow, 
the faster I walk, 
the faster it follows, 
so we're at par, 
I will take cover in a shade, 
A shade of liquor, 
So that this shadow won't catch up,
But I have to walk again, 
Because I can't sleep, 
I have to walk because I tend not to find solace in crowded places and joints, 
Can I say am an introvert? 
Or a lone traveler,
Heading to an unknown destination?

and if depression is a demon, 
Then all I need is a prayer, 
And still if depression is a fighter 
I need a better fighter, or rather better fighters,
Manny Pacquiao, Mike Tyson, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, 

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