DEAR AMIRA | Chronicles by Christopher Essien | PROSTIFESSIONAL SERIES

Dear Amira,

It all seems like it happened yesterday. You left us to spend your long vacation with Aunt Atinuke, I know you wish you were never related to her and regret visiting and know you wish her husband never existed, I know you regret ever going to call him in the room for lunch. I know there's this trauma of him eating you as lunch instead of the meal you prepared.
Despite your wishing him dead, believe me that's what most young women in your shoes will want.  

I know you've been hurt, because if you're not; you'll be with everyone else laughing and cracking boring jokes, but due to our friendship and what friendship means we all had to laugh or probably pretend to.
I still remember you always told us as kids then with your tiny mouth "I wish to grow to be doctor; so as to help poor kids and parents".

I do remember you were better than the rest of us when it came to prescribing drugs and everything else on personal hygiene.
But, my question is 'What is a Medical Doctor doing on the streets at an ungodly hour?',
I've heard nothing good except for bad and ugly as you now indulge in experimenting drugs so I was told. I know going to the club is not really a bad idea, but, being the first to show up and the last to leave?, it seems to me that you are really popular!

being the first to show up and the last to leave?, it seems to me that you are really popular

Your dexterity on bed has earned you a niche in the lips of men 'MAMA STYLES!', that's what I heard a young man the other day taunting at you.     

'Come back home, Amira' and know that the world is waiting to see what will become of you or won't you prefer your story to be 'She overcame her pain and anger, then channeled it to make the world a better place?'
than 'Her pain and anger took over her then she caught the virus and that was the end of her days on earth'?

Come back home because you were made for something better than a Prosti_fessional.
Yours Truly
Dr. Cwesi.

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