BEST FRIEND | Poetry by Margaret Wairimu Waweru

I don't remember 
How I lived before I met you 
Because I'm so attached to you now 
My heart is attached to your kindness 

Best friend,
I'm bleeding but 
I don't feel anything 
My nose smells blood 
But my hands can't touch it 

Best friend, 
You have turned me into a slave 
A slave who long for your comfort 
A slave ear for your soothing voice 
A slave afraid that if you leave ,
She will collapse and die 
Because your love is my Achilles heel

Best friend,
I'm not angry at you 
I just want you back 
I want to laugh with you 
Fight with you 
Go out with you 

Best friend,
Please don't go 
Let us talk about it 
We can get a reasonable solution 
You see,
I really need you

Best friend, 
Look at me 
Not the physical me 
Look inside my heart 
Do you see your name printed there?
Am sure you know too
That names in the heart never leave 
So friend,
Come back to me 

Best friend,
I'm longing for your embrace 
I crave for your company 
I am crying 
And you ain't here to wipe my tears 
See how I'm lost without you 
Don't let my life fall apart 

Best friend,
I need you 
I'm waiting for you 
Please come back.

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