THE AFRICAN DILEMMA | Poetry by Stanley Kipkorir

Ever sat down and caged yourself in questions 
Why some things have to be
Why some have not to be
Yet you can't extract answers to all this mayhem
And not even the pundits have a suitable solution

Ever quizzed yourself why the world is never fair? 
Not even to the grey-haired
Or you think they are lovely now 
As though wisdom resides in their white-washed keratin
A winner, isn't everyone on the road trying to achieve 
Most of them out here are only to craft their mischief 
And lure the innocent to their secret lair
Once there; serve them with a cup of tea
Isn't it how we welcome visitors in the dark continent?

During the fight for independence 
Many cried for change 
Look at the economy now 
Inflation is the bushfire 
So sad they used his name
To enrich themselves
To make a name
In the industry that's on the brink of collapse
They drunk from the tap
That never stopped leaking!

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