HERO'S JOURNEY - Duet by Mukudzeiishe and Hey Em Jay

Hero's journey
Not an avenue,
That path with glittering and gleaming petals,
This one,
A perilous adventure in the scorching deserts,
Feet grilled on the sand dunes
Wilting cactus in sight.

Hero's Journey
A path, 
Wilting cactus in sight, but glisten with gold
A thorny path that soothes the skint in the fold
This one
Though, a parlous venture but secret ingress for a foothold.
Feet are at the end of fire chip,
And the sight of the ocean of gold in a glance.

Hero's journey
The Punas and Bora's osculate my dehydrated and parched skin at will
The sun scorches me
For my heavy plight, it doesn't feel
My life has been a banquet of bitter herbs
I raise my piercing cries
My supplications l pour at the altar
But the Almighty is taking His time
Wishes me to taste a Hero's journey.

Hero's journey
At will, I dip in the cold 
And couldn't feel the heat in the sun.
My life is bittersweet yet I give the pledge of fidelity
I was weighed to the head but could only be felt in the bone
My blood is in the tears 
That the pain could be felt in the eyes
I patched my sweet for the dream 
And raised above on my dream
But the king above is watching, 
Wishes me to taste a hero's journey

Hero's journey
That of persistence,
Looking for no assistance
The world can offer sympathy not sure empathy
The celebrate and ululate,
Cheer and jeer
Look and laugh as life toss and toss
Pinch and punch,

On the sidelines not sharing 
the agony and anguish.

Hero's Journey
My agony cannot be shared
My pain will soon be pare
world are celebrating me in hope
And for my light is the hope
Though, I was clout with a troy 
But embedded to see ahead and not too coy
And I keep trolling through the light of hope

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