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Books are notably one of the best ways to gain access to a wide and endless array of knowledge, wisdom and know-hows, they also are one the accompanying mates to work with either while overly bored, gay or emotional.
For those in Nigeria and some parts of Africa, who fall in the range of the ones who enjoy always having a Chimamanda speaking fire or Achebe doing his deeds in their brains, purchasing books has been an issue to them as we always have to make use of the Google Maps, or human maps to find out where the next and old bookshop is, however - not anymore as there has been an increase in the online bookstores changing the game of how we purcahse and have our reads.
With this in mind, we've decided to compile a list of bookstores to visit for books.



1. Havilah Books

Havilah Books is a force to reckon with in the bookstores in Africa, running 20 years and have a website where book lovers can make purchases. 
Havilah Books is quoted to have handled various book related projects with The Word Bank, PTF and ETF. 
You can visit their website for more information on how to order books from them. 

2. Laterna Books

Laterna is a popular bookstore in and around Lagos that gives you the option to either pay online or pay on delivery for those in Lagos. They have a wide range of books from Business books to lifestyle. 
You can reach Laterna Books on Twitter: @laternabooks or check their website

3. BookVille World

The self-acclaimed No. 1 online bookstore in Nigeria which offers sales on all categories of books in Nigeria ranging from business, kids, classics, best-sellers, fiction, eBooks, DVDs, accessories, events.
Check out their website

4. 1k Bookstand 

This bookstore offers users books worth #1000 or less. 
It’s Nigeria’s bookstore where you’ll find used books at ridiculously cheap prices. 
You can also sell them books that you no longer want to keep.
In this bookstand, you’ll find used copies of popular book, ageless classics and African books, all at a thousand naira or less.
You can send a DM to @1kbookstand on Twitter or Instagram to place your order

5. Roving Heights

At Roving Heights, you’d find bestsellers, American fiction and African literature in new, pristine condition. If you’re looking for a book that has just been released, you’ll most probably find it here or be able to pre-order it.
They also include really nice bookmarks in your order when you buy a number of books. If you want to buy books you find on awards list, chances are you’ll find them here.
You can order from them by sending a DM to @rovingheights on Twitter or Instagram or by sending a mail to

6. Book Seller Ng

This is Nigeria's favorite bookshope, with a boisterous store filled with a variety of both locala and international books on display, the bookstore makes the list with it's contribution to the distibutions it's made over the years in service.
Check out their website

7. Patabah Bookstore
Patabah Bookstore has been serving book lovers for 30 years now. With a physical store in Adeniran Ogunsanya mall in Surulere, Patabah also runs a working store on Instagram.

8. Ola Next Store

This stores is a multi-faceted store that deals with not just books but also stationery, phones, computers, groceries, electronics, fashion, beauty item and so much more at affordable and easy to purchase prices.
Visit their  website to know more

9. BookMall

BookMall is an online bookstore in Nigeria for books, novels, textbooks and stationeries.
What's more interesting is shipping on orders above ?30000 so you might as well just purchase all the books you've been seeking for a long while at a go and get it delivered to you for FREE!

10. BuyBooks NG

Buy a wide range of books in Nigeria on Buybooks NG. 
The online store boasts of contents on children books, school books, books on medicine, poetry, business and so on.

11. CSS Bookshops Limited

This platform is one to look out for those Christian books, motivational, educational and general books, CSS Bookshop has a wide array of varieties on these types. 
They've got offices in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Abuja but you can order books online through their website.
It is becoming the oldest company that specializes in books and related materials supply in Nigeria

12. Twang Africa

Twang Africa boasts of foreign literature to inspiration, self help, down to African literature.
Although relatively new in the industry, their wide array of book wares is nothing to ovelook.

13. Amab Books

Located in Minna, Niger State with huge online and media presence, Amab Books is one bookstore you really should b looking into because of it's enormous arrays of books ranging from Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson collection or even the Game of Thrones series, everything in stock.
They also stock have a stock for the classic and antique written works.
Visit their website to find out how you can purchase

14. The Book Dealer

The Book Dealer is a little different from the stores mentioned above because it’s more of a powerful
book-finding tool than a regular bookstore.

Want a book that you can’t find anywhere else? Need a Cyprian Ekwensi, Amos Tutuola or even Buchi Emecheta that you can’t just seem to get? The Book Dealer’s got you. All you have to do is give them a list of the titles you want and just chill, they’ll find it and deliver it to you.

You can also get children’s books and rare classic collectibles here as well. You can find them at @thebookdealerng or call 08102550106 to place an order

15. BuyBooks NG

Buy a wide range of books in Nigeria on Buybooks NG. Browse our online store for children
books, school books, books on medicine, poetry,business

More options to check out from include: Jumia Book Online Store , Konga Online Book Store, Bible Wonderland , Book Craft Africa , BookVille World , Sunshine BooksellerNaira Bookstore,, EnyBooks, Evribook Online, Kpinspirationals Books Collection, Lifestylebooks.

If there are any more or newer bookstores not included in this article, kindly mention them in the comments (Facebook comments)


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