RAPE | Poetry by Dominique Mthembu

I did not agree to it, given no choice or chance to protest
My body deprived of an opportunity to prepare and adjust
My soul broken and sent into a dark place 

I always fantasized of my first to be romantic, room filled with roses and candles after a romantic dinner with my first love from high school 
Not all dreams come to pass.
It's cold and I'm sent to the floor by a hot slap, told to submit
No sexy lingerie but clothes ripped off my body as if I'm a bag of chips 

Silent prayer giving God a chance to prove himself 
My eyes are a waterfall that's salty like the the salt-rock
My body as stiff as the statues of Mandela at the union buildings
The pain is both physical and emotional, 
My body hurts, my body feels dirty, I wanna scrub and scrub for days
The thought of committing suicide crosses my mind I'm coward
He's left me laying there on the cold floor under the bridge with my ripped clothes and uncontrollable bleeding

Stripped of my innocence and dignity
My soul's killed and my body left as an empty container  to roam this cruel world
How cruel can men be?
Does God exist, if he does how does such happen?

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