Apart from seeing God, falling in love is undoubtedly the unequalled desire of every human being on earth, and when we think of love - often, we think of it as a circulant fruit with lone sweet juices in it, we think, of how we'll stroll away the sunsets, build beautiful houses, raise cute kids and have fancy parties till wither but fear to think past that which is why today, I'm gonna sink with you into not only the bliss of love but it's wholeness so you understand it and be able to spend more than a second in it something which is hard for love birds this days.

...falling in love is undoubtedly the unequalled desire of every human being on earth

Intimate Love,which I'm discussing is intense affection we perceive for one and can hardly resist it meaning, we have to find that person and it's here the drama begins,where we tend to think that it'll all be smooth which isn't true for as love's reality begins to unravel we realize that it needs money, and please don't say it doesn't for we don't have to lie, we realize that love needs commitment, trust,we learn,that love needs patience, perseverance and forgiveness essentials which are often scarce in the hearts of humans.

This reality draws love's bigger picture before us, it shows us that love can't take young/immature minds, that it needs us to work and earn for we need to enjoy together, we need picnics, t-shirts with king and queen labels and that we too need to support each other. This often wears into triggering breakups, insane accusations and criticisms but the question of how to win over them. This why today, as a fellow youth, I'm posing this question and availing its answers on your behalf for the heart wants what it wants, you know?

...it shows us that love can't take young/immature minds

Everyday, after asking myself this question I reason out that the first thing we are to do before falling in love is to realize that it demands; love, requires that we seek whomever we feel it for, provide for them, it demands to be grown, fed, weeded. And how all this are done is by having moments together and moments mean time, time is precious and as all precious things has to be bought so love, doesn't need the broke. And when I say broke I don't just mean money wise, I mean in everything, you can lack coins but be full of trust, commitment, you can be a forgiver or simply one who has  time for his/her love. This what love grows by so we ought to have at least one of them for it to work. Their total absence means that there is still love (for feelings never die) but it's sessiled.

...when I say broke I don't just mean money wise, I mean in everything

We then need to have a plan,after falling in love, then what?
The idea of ‘pushing time' shouldn't lie amongst us, I mean, no one eats food unless he has to, so if you don't have to - don't, wait for the right time. This, I learned from a preacher in highschool who said that none has to eat his/ her supper in the morning and I now pass her message to all teenagers worldwide.

if you don't have to - don't, wait for the right time

Then we are to know that love doesn't house anything like ‘my type', that belongs to lust.
Dear reader, you and I have witnessed Asians marry Arabs, we have seen the poor marry the rich and all this was before this insane idea got into us. Love as I said demands and if given even a bit of it's demands it grows regardless of  persons involved. So,the idea of ‘my type' is a jugglers not lovers thing for all who say it often are on the way to dumping us after having used us.

We also must accept that love is divine and as anything else divine ,special, so we can't misuse it. Love is to be left to those who are ready for it, who have a plan to ‘settle down' and who can give in to it's demands. We, just can't continue with this trend of having eight partners claiming that we love them yet we really don't. I know, love's expendable but not in this way. You only have one heart and can only have it to one. Past that, its nothing but lust.

In conclusion,I'd wish you to know that it's only by bracing for love's realities that we can make it work,otherwise, we'll always be unable like a teenager can't manage school and a child she got from what she initially thought love.

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