DROPPED OUT | Poetry by Inufin Ayomide D'great

This is how heartbreak redesigned my heart,
What is the meaning of true love when true lies have redefined the act?
And when that heart you value don't value your heart;
Your heart is to depart from the path.

Now that Juliet is dead, Romeo must die.
Darth darling death of "kill them all and let them die".
Obsession is no more the motion of emotion
when so much love becomes so much depression.

I dropped out,
When the priceless became useless.
When the meaning of love became meaningless.
Just drop out,
If the flow becomes a flaw
and the jabs of cupid start to kiss your jaws.

Feelings were a dear den,
Now, I hate love as seven hates nine and ten.
Being in love is being in a precious prison;
And giving your heart out is terminal treason.

I dropped out and found solace in solitary,
I used to be dead to love until I escaped obituary.
And now, to me "I love you" is a joke of a thousand laugh,
A comedy of error, the worst I ever had.

Before you eat your heart out, 
Drop out!
Before You drop the world for love,
Drop out!
A word is enough for the user;
For the wise might be otherwise and the winner may end up a loser.

'By the way, lovers; stay in love...'

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