I'M SORRY - Poetry by Imran Khan

I'm sorry from my heart, making you so sad 
I wasn't being understanding, for getting mad 
I wasn't compromising that I broke your heart 

I'm sorry that my whole world is torn apart 
I don't know how I'm writing this to you 
I am really sorry for what happened / that day 

You can't go away and change the way 
But, things were just not right 
Please end this now, and forgive me now 

My life is a mess without you 
Thus, I can't live without you 
Give me a last chance to take you my heart

You are the one who took away my heart 
I was so blind as I didn't see your heart 
You were so correct right by my side

I have a feeling that something went wrong
So I could not stand so strong as like first 
The storm was fierce it took you away
Just could not react or say 

I am sorry for whatever happened that day 
It will not happen again that forgive me first 
As a new light in life, I wish to see 
I want to tell you that I am sorry!

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