NOTE TO SELF : I GOT YOU - Poetry by Dominique Mthembu

Time keeps moving forward, waiting for no man or woman
People grow and feelings change as well as intentions but baby I got you
Some call alcohol their best-friend cause apparently it always does what is expected to do but I got me cause even a bottle of alcohol can break so I'm safer with you
I got you so much so that you can trust that even after every storm I will always remain just there cheering you on
People promise heaven on earth but I promise you - me

I could never turn to music cause when the song ends the pains start again at one
Could never turn to writing cause even books run out of pages and pens run out of ink too
I'm weird cause I could never even turn to friends cause I know people lose interest 
Creepy sure but I turn to myself.

I got me
Friends or no friends I can keep this life thing going like nobody's business
Self love, content and determination is all there is
Everybody is busy fighting their own demons 
Ain't nobody got time
See even the ones that claim to care jump out as soon as things spiral out of control
People turn their back on their own blood then who am I?
Not to be proud or hush but life taught me to get it on with myself or I'll lose myself trying to get it on with the wrong ones
I got you!
I got me!!

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