Submit your works to THE LANGUAGE OF PAIN - (ArtHut Anthology for Africa)

Africa as a continent remains a mystery that needs to be unraveled through arts or don't you think?
Yet, you may want to ask, 'What do we need to do this for and why?'

Well, we want to do this 'about our history, our present, our vision and everything in between'

Presently in Africa, we've been through and are (still) going through diverse challenges that has made us 'sleep, wake and dine in fear'.
Some of these which includes: 'terrorism, kidnapping, rituals, xenophobia, domestic violence, human trafficking, drug trafficking, Girl-Child marriage, Female Genital Mutilation, Fistula and so on.
This is where our collective efforts are needed, we are to produce an anthology that speak and proffers solution on these.
    This is going to be a project that will require the participation of all members. It is an humanitarian service to the society and this will propagate the growth of not just the group (obviously fellow interested artists who are strong-willed will be interested) but improve our doings 'as creatives' in the plan of using arts a means for SOCIAL IMPACT.

The theme of the project is 'LANGUAGE OF PAIN' which has 'nothing to do with poverty', however has to do with activities that channels us towards endless pain and bitterness in all of Africa.
All works should center around the above-mentioned vices. You could choose to write a poem, make a drawing, add a video of your spoken word (5 minutes max) or do something other than these.


  • -All submission should be made as a docx file and mailed to with subject as SUBMISSIONS FOR THE LANGUAGE OF PAIN ANTHOLOGY
  • -All works should center around the theme above and should only be in English
  • -Poetry should not exceed 30 LINES
  • -Visual works (drawings, paintings etc.) should reflect scenes of violence (be within the scope of the theme).
  • -Videos or spoken words should not exceed five minutes.
  • -You are allowed to use free verse.



Kindly note: We have a 'profile picture frame' for the anthology on Facebook which we implore every participant to make use of once created.



(Selected works shall be archived and produced as an art album)



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