WIDOW'S SOLITUDE | Poetry by Thomas Ayomide

Tears of the poor widow
Who looks through the open window
Memories of her deceased husband 
Seems shallow
But deep within her, she feels;
Being a lonely fellow
Solitude makes her head bend down low
Oh, tears of the poor widow!!

Detached from her is family ties
Even promising relatives cut ties
And she is left alone;
To face the world's harsh tides
Oh, tears of the poor widow!!

Meant for her now 
Is a man's role
Early to rise and late to sleep
Combined with hers
Is her (late) husband chores
Making her bone emaciated
Oh, tears of the poor widow!!

She cooks the meal only for herself
And dish it out solely for herself
Her long made speech seems rhetorical
Her respondent is always the stagnant wall
Her pain, comfort, sadness, happiness
Is shared only to herself
What a world for the widow?
Oh, tears of the poor widow!!

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