OUR PLEA FOR TRUTH | Poetry by Aniemeke Prisca 

We want to know 
as the common people 
what goes on up there among the aristocrats
while we blubber about our hardship. 

We want to know 
as the destitute 
why they arrive at our shacks by the fourth year 
with their hopeless pledges. 

We want to know, 
the paupers that we are, 
how we have wronged the lords 
to deserve this affliction. 

We want to know 
as anxious youths 
why we have been called lackadaisical by The Ruler
regardless of our drudgery and labour. 

We want to know 
as traders 
why we are levied 
yet know not the purpose of this fee.
We want to know 
although we are indigent and are illiterates
if the media indeed serves as a voice to us-
the newspaper, the radio, the television; 
Do they relate our cries to The Powerful? 
Do they understand our plights?
Or are they like The Exclusive? 

We want to know 
because we are tired of their deceits and tales.
We want to know, we want to know 
where we stand in this nation of ours. 
Are we just pawns in the hands of The Players?
We want to know the truth. 

Do we need to be redeemed 
or are they ready to fix their errors? 

O Lords, we want to know the honest truth! 
We deserve to know. 

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