WHEN SHALL THIS LAND KNOW PEACE - Poetry by Oluwole Oluwatobi Solomon

See how the masses are running helter skelter
Like a dog pursuing a rabbit
Everywhere is in shambles
Masses are malnourished
Leaders are having potbellies
Wrinkles of trauma on the countenance of the masses
When shall this land know peace?

See the agonies of the masses
They move here and there
Like a staggering chameleon
Due to the economic situations
They are awarded via the leaders
Expression of plights, sadness
Fill their facial outlooks
When shall this land know peace?

See the heavy loads in the masses' hearts
Like a tower of Babel
Insecurity is perceived in every zone
Genoterrorism flaunts the North
Kidnapbanditry in the South
Lawlessness in the East
Herders inflictions in the West
When shall this land know peace?

The eyes in heaven
Where are you?
Why are we facing these challenges?
Who have we offended in this country?
Our forefathers, where are your ears?
Intervene on our behalf
Shall we continue like this?
Hearts are grieved and in dangers daily
When shall this land know peace?

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