FLIGHT OF NO RETURN - Poetry by Shem Viki

"Gone! gone! gone! to answer 
the call of nature, so why cry?
My child, the innocent tears 
cannot grant him a second
flight back, that you should know"

I understand there is nothing 
as strong as the bond tied
among loved ones but always
remember that there is no tied
tickets when it comes to flight.
Be strong for you to advise your
generation to come on this.
You came on flight so shall
you return by it one day.
If time allows me I'll be there to
bid you good-bye.

So cry my child cry
for all you want
Crying is a prayer itself.
Cry lacks word to express itself
So it flows like a pool of blood.
That is the painful truth of life.
So where will we sue the airplane
attendant for showing them around 
the world but fails to return them.
Should I run to the police? "No!"
they also take the same flight

My son "whom should I run to?"
Maybe no one. The flight once taken
cannot be canceled but when you 
live right it can be delayed.

That is the path for as all to take
So how have you prepared today
for the flight?

"Don't worry my daughter the flight
a'int expensive at all, you will not
require all that so why worry about
Money, cars, and clothes.
You will not need to accompany of
your loved ones"

The qualification is one that's you
and you alone. Let no one deceive 
you that we are too many to be forgotten
Neither are we young to be ridden by it

The flight does not spare old ones
from young ones. I mean everyone
in this journey, we are one that's you
and I. When you are gone, you are
no more.

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