DIARY OF A SORROWFUL CHILD | Poetry by Agbaje Opeyemi Esther 

In a corner he sits, weeping and rebuking his life
Lamenting the bitterness he has ultimately experienced
Like a happy fellow smashed with a bottle, its pieces cutting him with no mercy
Drawing a horrible tattoo in his arms and body.

Of mother's love; he was deprived, of father's care; he never enjoyed 
Parents making no efforts in his existence
As bothersome care on him has torn like a tattered cloth
He felt like an orphan in the midst of his family

Every night, he cried himself out
Hoping that one day this mischief would pass him
Suicidal thoughts become his best friend
As he wants to escape this situation at all cost

Depression finally comfortable in his life
Relaxing and resting his back like a monarch in charge of a village
As he found none worthy of his trust and secrecy
None to share his agony story with 
Than to confide in God and beg for HIS intervention

Oh Lord have mercy on me!

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