OH AFRICA | Poetry by Davies Seun

Oh Africa!
Great is thy land
Enriched with economic resources 
That'll foster growth and explorations.
We are Africans,
We are beautiful,
Yet we are not appreciated.
Our values are depreciated 
Our minds are controlled by dictatorships
That contradicts independence.

Oh Africa!
Why have you planted seeds 
Of bribery and corruption?
They are prolific to constructed laws
That cause them to break in a twinkle of an eye.
We are ruled by myopic leaders.
Who do not see the needs of the people,
Neither do they hear them cry.
The super structures,
Where are they built?
The infrastructures
What are the improvements?
The economic resources, 
Where have they?

Oh Africa!
The land of prolification
of religions
Foreign and indigenous religions.
Garments are worn to practice both Christianity and Islamic religion.
Holy peace and blessings is what we pray.
We portray holiness only on sabbath.
And betray our fellow ones on week days.
Will our worship truly exalt the throne?
Will our petitions ascend the throne?
When the throne is ablaze in wrath!
Oh Africans! Let's search our hearts.

Oh Africa!
When shall you uproots the seeds you have grown?
For they encompass the land space.
The blood of the innocents cry.
Oh brothers! Oh sisters.
The wars never stopped even after the year marked 'INDEPENDENCE'
When shall we be free indeed?
So we won't be victims of the atrocious land.

Oh Africa!
When shall our mothers enjoy 
From their profuse sweat?
When shall we stop kneeling on their early graves
In pool of tears in the eyes.
With flowers, non- scented.
When shall they relax their backs?
And await our profound blessings.

Oh Africa! 
Why do we still perish?
In-spite the economic resources,
That could aid survival.
When shall we abscond the state of poverty 
And emerge a greener pasture?
Where the field lies, green grass.
Oh Africa! Listen to the cry of the masses.
I voice out for justice.
We don't want to be sailed in an hopeless ship anymore.
We need an helping hand,
To save us from this nomadic land.

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